Laureate hat

“VISVIM Laureate Hat
One of our favorite and most underrated accessories here at Shiprock is a good hat. Luckily for us, Visvim created one of the most durable and fashionable hats out there! For the Laureate hat, Hiroki uses an old method of millinery that utilizes beaver pelt. The beaver pelt, once it has been boiled and pummeled into felt, is one of the most pliable and enduring materials available. After the felt is made, it is steamed and shaped onto a form. The beaver pelt has a unique heat-responsive quality that makes it preferable for hats because it will eventually mold to the shape of the wearer’s head. The final result is incredibly impressive!”


I love the impressivity Visvim(I’ve always called it visim for some reason) brings with the stand alone pieces, so much so that the price is justifiable to the style quality and level of use. This one off laureate Mayan hat has at least 5 ways of wear, that I really like to see. .and makes a wardrobe after all it’s not what’s inside of the racks and shelves but how you wear it, the way it lasts you, and mostly the energy it is able to give and make you feel. High design won’t scrap out one day or go bad, it can be trusted and respected to the goodness of it’s formulas and quality,

the interest could stay there and the style could outweigh your efforts against it


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