Watch “Keith Ape – 잊지마 (It G Ma) ft. JayAllday, loota, Okasian, Kohh [Official Music Video]”

Ok to cross reference, this in America is of acclaim due to the hotel nuances high shrill of voice and beyond casual almost not caring rap style done by Og Maco and displayed in a song ‘You Guessed it’ has been adopted and ported over to the music scene in Korea (where via Twitter I’ve already stated to Neek Lurk is life)

huge surprise, onto this group in HILITERECORDS that is fresh as a f*k and to me is going harder with the style and ambivalence of the details though it’s just a cover.. literally up there with the greatest things I have seen in my life. “BAPE BAPE BAPE bape” never forget !

Now for some history and backstory Bape or a bathing apehas been popular in the US since about 2000 and due to the presence of Hip Hop culture or


earned a place in history and style of people that go hard for it similar to air force ones, with it’s 200dollar tee shirts 500dollar all over print hoodies and totally over expensive shoes catalogue, it could of only been popularized by none other than Black Americans
Who from several generations since then along with other groups have signed their name beneath something simple with a drastic message like it was nothing; to make their own, and have a community like that of the past.. based on logic, depth, commitment, attitude, skills and see previous. Though these companies change people in terms of operations and even quality, it never fails a group picks it back up and decides to do their thing with it, whether it be Two9

or someone of the like, it’s resilience finds an audience



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